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AICC and SCORM Interface
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Hi Everybody!

I'm trying to run Courslab content in a LMS for quite a while now. Publishing as SCORM either 1.2 or 2004 produces a bunch of errors so I keep going for AICC. I am testing with a module consisting of three slides, one of which is an exercise. Module is working fine, as long as neither completion nor success are set - they have to be "unknown". Otherwise as soon as I change status or success I receive errors on the next launch of the module. Errors like "g_oSCO" is null or not an object.

I have one objective (total, success unknown, completion unknown) with one rule (slides visited from 1 to 3; success unknown, completion unknown). This configuration works.

Can somebody help?
I've had the 1.2 export version working solidly with Moodle, how well 2004 worked depends on which version was being used.
At work they've spend thousands on a SCORM 2004 'compliant' LMS that will only import things if you call them AICC modules. I'm not sure the guys supporting it really know what they are doing.
It all depends on the LMS and how it has been set up. AICC does generally have problems with objectives though.
Testing with the adl test suite 1.1 for the scorm 2004 standard delivers one error:

SetValue("cmi.interactions.0.timestamp","2009-10-06T14:12:05Z") has been called
ERROR: The SetValue() method call failed
ERROR: Return Value: [ false ]
ERROR: Data Model Element Type Mismatch

Does somebody know how i can fix this?
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