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Student input name & result2
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I don't know what is lms.
I just want my student to enter his name when doing the test and store the result for checking.
My school does't has a server. The test does in individual pc only. I don't know how to program.
Thank you.
I think first you should learn what is an lsm and how to use an lms. That is beyond the scope of a forum, imho.
Other people on this forum can advise you a free (open source) lms.

Then if you don't want to use an lms you will have to install a small server on the student's pc and learn how to send the student's name and score to that server.

The simplest solution I can think of is to let the student enter his name in the beginning of the course and let him print the results including his name, after the test.
This is the computer based (delivered from a networked server) that can be used to host e-learning material, allow students to enroll and then track their use and progress in the modules.
These are used by both large (UCLA for example) and small organisations to deliver their e-learning materials.
They can also provide a degree of social networking, wiki's and many other extra functions.
Do a search for LMS, moodle, claroline, KEWL.
A server can be anything, you only need a big server if it is going to be very busy and used by many people at the same time.
In most small cases where you wouldn't expect there to be more than about 40 or 50 people access at any one time a desktop PC would be quite sufficient.
I have had an old laptop with a PIII cpu and 512MB RAM serving 15 or so users at the same time without any real problems.
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