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Object Parameters Text: Formatting
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Hello everybody!

I have objects inserted and give them an Text in the Parameters Tab of the Properties Dialog box. It seems impossible to give them a uniform text format.. Can somebody help?


Hi Jorg,
You wouldn't be cutting and pasting them fom a source (Word or a web page) where they already bave formtiing applied are you?
If you look at the html code of the text you will probably see some added text formatting codes. At the moment the text editor doesn't remove this extraneous code so stays in place then appears when the text is displayed on screen.
Try copying the text to paste from something neutral like Open Office write. If you have to use word or a web page as a source then copy the text to paste into NOTEPAD. The cut or copy aain and paste into the courselab text editor.
You'll now have ONLY the base format applied.
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