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Student input name & result
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How to add student name on starting the e learning and store the result for checking. Thank you.
Usually I create a blank slide an put an text input on it (this is in the Object Library under Form). I give it the value of "student" or something like that and change the variable scope to "Current Module." Then at the end of the test I put a blank slide with a Textbox (Shadow, Relief, or Simple) and add #student to the text of the box. I then also put the results on this slide and a print button so they can print it out.
I also tried to use this same issue of having input on the start of the file and at the end of the file (on the slide of the score), but i cannot never see the name i have on the first slide.
Can you please specify better all the steps?
Do you mean like the way asked for in thread "track student data" and "Do I need a LMS to use CourseLab?" links resp.
Your LMS tracks this information.

It doesn't work easily (not without a lot of custom coding) or reliably (too many assumptions have to be made about the actual PC and it's configuration being used) when any other kind of delivery is used.

The stand-alones are supposed to deliver the material but with limitations.
Oh have a look at:
Bob's passing a simple variable is what you need
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