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multiple select - grade part of the answer
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Hello everybody.
I am creating a test in CourseLab using different types of question. Got a problem with multiple select. For example, choose which of those animals are mammals. Answers are dog, cat, elephant and duck. There is 3 correct answers -> possible grade is 3 points. But if user choose only two of them (cat and dog) the system shows that student has got 0 points[:confused:]. Is it possible in courselab to grade a partly correct answer (on idea student has got at least 2 points)[:rolleyes:]?

Thanks for answering,
As Slav notes currently you can't do this in the form you have set out.
The logic of the question type as it is at the moment says your answer is either right or wrong, not partially right or wrong.
So to make it work at present you need to rethink the question, the answer or both.
First the statement: Which of these three animals, Elephant, Dog and Cat are mammals.
Then the possible answers:
None of them are mammals
Only the Elephant is a mammal
Only the Dog is a mammal
Only the Cat is a mammal
The Elephant and the Cat are mammals
The Elephant and the Dog are mammals
The Dog and Cat are mammals
They are all mammals

Hi, Niona,

it is not possible in current version. Next version will have different scoring schemes in question objects (not in the test object though).
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