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PC freezes when printing
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At the end of a course, I have the option of printing a certificate. When the print window appears, the PC freezes. Any ideas on what is causing this?
I know that problem. It suddenly occurred after installing IE8. I looked on internet and found other people had the same problem.

My solution was: de-install IE8 and go back to IE7. Then download a file from microsoft which prevents IE8 to be installed during an update session.
IE generically is awful at printing anyway.
If possible use a generic PDF format file so IE has minimal input into the print control.
Thanks for the advice. However, I have found the PC only freezes if I click the OK button in the print dialogue box. If I press enter all is ok, the certificate prints.

It seems odd that this happens but it's a simple solution, I'll put "press enter" in the course instructions.

And we use IE6 because it's more stable than later releases.
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