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g_oSlideFrame is empty
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Hi. Just after finishing a module with a test, in the test at random questions I get an error message 'g_oSlideFrame is empty in 1/start.hta, line 3422, char. 2'

After that the module forgets the name of the student and at the end an empty certificate is printed.

I googled but the old questions about this subject are inaccessible.
I am prepared to throw away the test but is there any other solution to avoid this error?

thanks in advance.
Hi, barend,

Usually this error arises when LMS did not return full suspend_data and runtime cannot restore module XML-storage document from it.
For the records:
I just had this error in a slide on which I compared the score to a minimum value and did a goto when the score was higher.

I got this error message when it was an action 'before display' of the slide; chenging it to an 'after display' cleared the error.
Just thinking out loud so feel free to ignore this as it's probably nothing... Try passing the modules running score to another variable and compare against that. Possibly the total score variable is formally updated when you close the module along with the other suspend information. OK so no LMS in this case but as the CD/web based shell uses essentially the same API components it might be.
Thanks Nick, I make a note of that and experiment with it end of the week [:cool:]
(first have to make some money [;)] coming days)
Been earning mine the last few weeks. New primary servers, back up server, new workstations (dual head 5MPs), set up, integrations, testing, sorting worflows and systems of work, training users and my sys admin team of one LOL seemed never ending for a while.. Still just about finished.
Now I've probably got the time to get and do some fun things.
Thx, I'll have a look. I didn't use an LMS, only web-based, but it may give a clue.
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