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track student data
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Can I track student data (name, scores, etc) without an LMS?
Just my opinion:
If you are prepared to build a system (f.i. php / mysql serverside and javascript clientside) you can. But then, you will build your own low-profile LMS.
- compare the login to your student database in mysql
- save the students name in memory
- send the score to the server in a manner that is not easily copied by the student.
I did a small online game once; the score was sended to the server as
You understand that is was easy for me to have a score of 99999.

My conclusion: yes you can but the costs in labour isn't worth it.
I'd agree with Barend there, yes you can make this kind of thing but it's really not worth the effort.
It will save you a huge ammount of time and effort using an already developed system. Then your efforts can go into sorting out the modules and custom skinning which ever LMS you choose.
Go to this site and try them out.
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