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Flash Player you have is obsolete
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Has the "Flash player you have is obsolete" been resolved? I have courselab version 2.4 (080609)and Adobe Flash 10 installed but the "Flash player you have is obsolete" message still persists. Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

Its the call its making that's encoded into the module. Should be fixed in newer releases so it is probably worth downloading and re-installing. Clean out the Courselab registry keys too before the reinstall.. Local machine etc....

I've always been in two minds about flash, yes it can be useful but it is proprietry so subject to change without any notice. Really we only ought to use prorietry content when we can be 100% sure that ALL users can access it.
Remember the hassle with the GIF format?? What if Adobe decided that profits were down and from tomorrow they were foing to licence the player or as were at player 10 all content coded for player 7 would no longer be supported and wouldn't work? Unlikely but possible so it always lives in my projects risk register.
Same goes for WMV media file encoding
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