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Powerpoint Import Pack is not working.
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have purchased your Powerpoint import pack 4 months back. At that time I tried to rectify the problem wit your help and I failed that. Unfortunately I was busy with some other projects and couldn't followup. I thought the problem is due to my system, yesterday I downloaded the new version of Courselab and installed the "Powerpoint Import pack" then also it not working. I think the problem with the particular version of the powerpoint import pack. Following is the scenarios which i went through.

I am using Windows XP with Office 2007. When I am trying to import powerpoint, nothing happens.

The step which i followed.

Started a new course.
Selected the .ppt file (which is to be converted)
Click on Next

The cursor just blinks 2 times and after that nothing happens

Please help me on this.[:(]
Hi, Arun,

already answered to your e-mail. There is the copy of my message:

There should be no incompatibilities with MS Office 2007. At least this configuration (XP/Office 2007) was tested many times without any problems.

There are 3 possible reasons:

1. MS Office 2007 (or other) is not installed on the same computer where CourseLab is installed. Or installed with some limitations. PP Import Pack needs MS PowerPoint to be installed on the same computer for conversion.
2. It still looks like Extra Pack/CourseLab version incompatibility. Please try to install Extra Pack from attached file.
3. There are some security/rights limitation on using MS PowerPoint by CourseLab. Perhaps some antivirus software keeps control on this rights?

Also please look at Windows Event Log. Are there any records at the time you are trying to convert file? (in Application log presumably)
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