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Agent & Sound Sync Issue
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I have created a module wherein I have used the "Talk" action for the agent. Correspondingly, I have used the SOUND to play mp3 files. Locally, when I use courselab I see the animation and hear the audio properly. However, when I publish the scorm content on LMS, I face two issues:

1) The mp3 files is not 'pushed' in the images folder of the SCORM zip file. I have to do it manually every time.
2) More importantly, there is a significant time lag between the agent animation and the audio when I play it on the web. There is a delay in the audio by more than 2-3 seconds. Also, many times the audio gets chopped off. I tried playing the content from 256K to 1 MB line with the same result.

The above mentioned points are observed with both wav as well as mp3 files. Any help would be apreciated to resolve these issues.[:(]
For your second question I have no solution other than produce a swf with embedded animation and audio. You need flash for that.

Your first question: attach the audiofile to an object and don't play it.
See thread "Insert audio (like mp3 or wav) FrankDk 24.06.09"
The not importing files problem is tied to an oddity where if the item involved isn't called directly from a courselab function but if it is called more indirectly then it doesn't get included in the imported files.
Some programs like Matchwares Mediator get around this (it will also do the same thing) by having a function to collect together these stray files.
The time lag is partly a browser issue, it needs to load the whole file before it will play. It might be an idea to put these events into a timeline so you iron out the delay or have an event kick them off in parallel.
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