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IE and Firefox
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I tested two of the demos and they don't run properly in Firefox. I'm not a programer but we develop in Blackboard and our courses have to run on major browsers....[:(]
This is a bit painful but put simply:
AFIK Explorer natively uses MSXML (a set of core services that allow applications written in JScript, VBScript, and Microsoft development tools to build Windows-native XML-based applications), Firefox can't use these plug-ins (MS proprietry coding is needed) so is dependant on the browser engine interpreting these kind of core service calls.
If the code is written just the tiniest bit wrongly then FF can't interpret it and it fails.

It might be the version of MSXML isn't being explicitly declared because there are differences in functions between them. (These are mostly cumilative with some depracations) Where it isn't I think FF defaults to around V3.
As a problem then it's partly Firefox partly Courselab, mostly MS.
FF isn't deisgned to integrate with MS core software like office or even the OS itself like Explorer is which is what msxml is about.
Overall it's very messy which doesn't help you or anyone designing anything at all complex to be delivered in a web browser.
C'est donc ben compliquй!
BTW Semanticaly you 'host' on blackboard or you wouldn't need a content creation system to 'develop' your content on.
Oh nice company web site, the french did give me a few problems mostly from lack of practice, lucky you aren't Quebec based ;)Quйbйcoi frenglish is a liguistic experience !!!

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