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Hello Everyone,

I am new to CourseLab and its terminology. I want to understand two things:

1. If I already have the SCORM drivers located on my PC or if I need to download them from somewhere?

2. Will the course play if I don't have an LMS?

Thank you for any help you can provide!
Scorm 'drivers' are javascript functions that are part of your LMS. If you publish as a SCORM package, you tell the package it will be used in an LMS. The package will give the LMS a sign a module has started and also ended, plus some other things.

If you publish as non-SCORM (CD f.i.) the package will run without problems outside of an LMS.

If you publish as SCORM package and you open de package in a browser, it will try to make contact with the LMS through these javascript functions, which will fail.
If you make a stand alone CD module then it uses a cut down scorm environment.
It doesn't talk to anything else though.
Barend this might be a good place to add a routine to pass variables outside of the running module.
I had a look: all javascript functions to access AICC and SCORM functions of the LMS are copied when published to LMS but also when published to CD.

In both cases the package searches for connections with a LMS.
When not found, the javascript functions to communicate with the LMS are kind of discarded.

In fact, it looks like the only differences between LMS and CD publishing is autorun in CD version and the obligatory xsd and xml files in the LMS version.
Nick, you're right, I had overseen these functions. I'll have a look the comin' week to see how they are implemented.
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