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transition settings on master slide
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Within View Module, I am unable to transition to next slide because the NEXT button does not appear. I know it needs to be changed in Properties on Master Slide, but I am not seeing this option available on Master Slide. Any help is much appreciated.
Hi David
You made this using a template so there was probably a 'next' button to start with.
If there isn't then the quickest way to add one is to add a module and pick one with the buttons you might want on it. Then selct the new page (use the middle view button) then just copy the button(s) you are missing and add it to your original page. You can delete the added template.
Nick, thanks for your help. Actually, I was able to find the problem. I had inserted a background image, but had failed to reduce it to fit within the slide. Thus, it was covering up the button. Hopefully, this will help someone else who encounters a similar problem. By the way, I think this concept of an open source community is great.
Hi David,
As you've noticed the object you've added last will be the foremost in a stack of objects, you can also try sending the image to the 'back' at design time.
At run time you can also change an objects z value, this does the same thing effectively and can be used to to hide one object under another
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