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Is it possible to open an EXE from courselab?
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Can anyone tell me if it is possible to open an EXE that is relative to the courselab package (both to be held on CD)

I am trying to make an index system within courselab which opens a range of EXE based training packages.

Hi, Mark,

The correct question is: how EXE-files can be launched from browser (because CourseLab modules are played with usual browser - there's no any special software). The answer is: it is almost impossible due to very strict security limitations in current browsers.
You'd be far better off launching these using something else Mark. As Slav notes the browser won't like this kind of activity at all, you may also find that in many situations and configurations the OS and virus checkers will actively block the action. Put simply it might well not work consistently or reliably.
As the files are .exe so MS Window specific maybe a small app built using the freebie version of VB. Otherwise something like macromedia director is quite capable of this but the package is expensive.
Of course the other option is to make you content using courselab, the added bonus then is you can edit them easily and switch out to delivery on LMS/LCMS without any problems.
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