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displaying different text based on radio checkbox clicked
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I want to create a three question quiz that will display different feedback depending on which of the three questions are selected - I think the easiest way to do it is to use radio buttons beside the questions and have text appear depending on which selection is made. I don't know how to make the text appear when the radio button is checked. In case you can't tell, I'm new to this and am not a programmer.


Hi Norm,
You've probably tried with the inbuilt check box items and found that they just send a result to a variable. You could use these BUT it's probably easier to make your own, and it will 'expose' you to a bit of experience in using actions. You end up with a custom result and a start in using actions which you'll find really useful in the future.
The basic idea will be to have two images, these will be your tickbox in two states. OFF and ON
Image one (OFF) has a set of actions attached to it that on a user click switch to the next image (ON) and then make a pop up or text appear.
The actions also make sure only one tick box is switched on at the same time.
You can also use another action to pass the answer to your total score.
I can whip you up an annotated sample if you want, drop me a mail

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