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Video problem
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Can anyone help me with a video problem?
I would like to import a video from a link below to my CourseLab slide.
First of all you should ask the copyrightowner permission.

When you have that, you might use the file by the url of the flv but that is not fair to the guys who hire the webspace: you would use their bandwidth for your own project.
Furthermore, if they ever change IP address (now it is the link would be dead.

Better is to ask for a copy together with the permission for use.
Then use the file
praktik_Java_predavanje1_uvod.flv as normal in CourseLab.

Seems a very long clip for such a simple task.
Personally I wouldn't waste the bandwidth when a few screen shots would cover the visual content and a synchronised voice over cover the audio content. Also you'd get almost instant display.
Then my formative years were in a time when cover disks were on floppies (800KB or less)and web content had to be streamlined as a connection speed of 33600BPS was considered fast!! LOL Those were the days ;-)
There is still no good reason to use huge or overly large files just because you can.
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