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how revert to old version
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Hi, any way how to revert a course to old version ? I opened an old course to update some slides for a customer, now nothhing works anymore and I am stuck.
I do not know how to get around the errors and cannot open with old version again ..
Hi, Juergen,

You can change version marks in design files (i.e. 1.xml, 2.xml etc. by course folder names). Open it with any plain text editor and change version mark (i.e. "format" attribute) at the top of the file to old version. It looks like "version build":

<module format="2.4 090219" ...

I think that errors occur due to some differences in action syntax, so the possible workaround can be to inspect and re-save each action on the slide. But there will be no way back in this case.
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