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Scoring in Moodle with Multi Choice
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HI chaps - I am reasonably new to this...

I am trying to create a very simple quiz using Courselab's 'Test' feature. I have created five questions using a single choice type of question, added the necessary variants and so on.

When I import to Moodle (1.95+) it all displays as it ought to (apart from anything with a gradient, strangely), and the object works as I intend. However, when I complete the assessment I go to look in the grade book inside Moodle and finds that there is a score of zero.

Other tests that use different question types seem to work as planned... so what on earth am I doing wrong?

You need to ensure that the success and completion status are turned on. These tell Moodle that the course has been completed and has been successful.

Sorry to keep asking, but is there anyone who can offer some advice on this? Is it so simple it doesn't deserve a reply... is there a manual or FAQ I can read about this sort of thing?
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