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Frame Navigator
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I'd like to use standard Frame Navigator which comes with the package in the Navigation object library, however it seems that its green "progress bar" doesn't work. How do I get it to work?

The HELP says clearly: Frame Navigator is a special object, which indicates amount of the visited Frames in particular Slide relative to the overall amount of the Frames in the Slide.

That's what I don't get: my progress bar in the Navigator is green all the time, regardless which frame of the slide you ar in.
Hi, Andrzej,

1. There's no possibility to display numbers in current version of the object
2. Note, that it is recommended to place this object on master-slide.
3. If it is always green - can it happen due to frames are not actually timed (i.e. all frames are displaying times equal to 0 and you are looking at last frame all the time)
Nobody has any idea? Perhaps this component is broken???[:(]
I have no experience with the frame navogator so I appreciate all reactions to this question, just to learn.
Sorry: one more question - can I change the progress bar into numeric display?

You can do that with slides (Slide 2 of 10). Can I have a field with the frame position? (e.g. Frame 3 of 5)?
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