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E-mail course completion
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I am creating a non-LMS version of a course and I need to implement some sort of notification method when people have completed it.

I have it in my mind that at the start of the module the person's name is captured and kept as module variables. On successful completion, the person's name and score is e-mailed to a specific e-mail address.

Is this possible and can anyone tell me how this can be done? If it isn't possible, has anyone got any ideas?

Any suggestion appreciated

Hi, Carl,

actually it can be done, but it is very unstable and insecure solution, because the message will be sent using regular e-mail client AND this e-mail client must support Simple MAPI to be invoked from other program (there's no other way to send message) and user can easily edit message text, because you can only open mail client with predefined e-mail, subject and body, but cannot actually send the message.

You can insert the button or link at the end of the course, which will be displayed, for example, when all module objectives are completed. Action on the button should be JAVASCRIPT, containing:

location.href = 'mailto:me@acme.com?subject=Some subject&body=I have completed your module';

Note that
1. :, & and & delimit parts and must not be used in subject and body
2. It is JavaScript string - so all the limitations on JavaScript string data type are applied (I mean using apostrophes, quote marks etc.)
3. Body cannot be too long.

Again it is not safe way - too many limitations, which cannot be controlled.
Thanks for replying with this information Slav, as well as others who have replied in a duplicate thread.

I have decided to pass this back to the client's IT department to either create a web contact form which the users can only see when the course is passed, or to install a LMS like Moodle - this would be a much easier/better solution
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