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E-mail course completion
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I am creating a non-LMS version of a course and I need to implement some sort of notification method when people have completed it.

I have it in my mind that at the start of the module the person's name is captured and kept as module variables. On successful completion, the person's name and score is e-mailed to a specific e-mail address.

Is this possible and can anyone tell me how this can be done? If it isn't possible, has anyone got any ideas?

Any suggestion appreciated

Thanks to you both for taking the time to reply - I really do appreciate it.

The course is to be hosted on a Windows server but I do need to find out if it has php enabled or not.

Nick, you are right when you suspect me of not being too au fait with the server side of things, I'm not but do understand the principles.

And all this was meant to be a quick job!!

Would be a great function to have within Courselab.

Thanks again
Getting a users name an keeping it in memory is easy enough:
Make a Text Input Field, remember the Run-time variable name. Let's name it input_var

Then the mailing. The direction to search for the answer is, I think:
On the last page you define an action anywhere. Make the event 'after display' and give it an 'external url' action, property: test.php?var=#input_var

Then make a page test.php in which you get the parameter 'var' and us it in what script you want. The page will be displayed ('congretulations' or something?) and it can use a mailscript at the same time to notice you or add the name in a database.

Cheers :)

Carl it depends on how you're delivering the module to the end user. Using BArends idea above is good for web based delivery. Don't forget that if you use this then you'll need PHP available and enabled on the server you're using.
Essentially this would be using one of the fairly standard PHP scripts to send mail through your mail account attached to the web space.
If you're using an MS based server it won't be there by default, if you're using LAMPS then it will be (If this bit meant nothing to you then you need to do a bit of research).
If it's CD based then all you can do is try to invoke the users mail client, assuming they have one installed and configured that is.
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