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How to use print action printing my textbox only
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How to i use print text in my textbox with print action because when i use print action it print whole silde. Thank you.
The print action is the function from your browser. AFAIK you can only print the whole screen or a frame but not a part (without selecting it first).
Best solution to me is to make a pdf with your tekst for printing.
Thank you.
Hi jirakit
As Barend points out the print function is quite limited, well it is and it isn't.
You can make this very sophisticated but you will need to invest quite a bit of work.
The trick is in 'how' the page prints from an instance of a web browser. It will print what you see which is based on the CSS rules applied to the page. To modify this you need a seperate description of the page for printing.
Problems you'll find....
The object names for the CSS rules to be applied to
Identifying specific items that need printing AND making them common across the page series.
Easiest is as Barend says is to EITHER make a set of PDFs that accompany a page or series of pages OR do the same with word files.
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