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g_oDragObject is null or not an object
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I needed to do some changes to text inside a course I created a year ago. After viewing the output I noticed that all self created tests are damaged now. These are tests like puzzles where the user has to drop the correct pieces onto another image. For every drop action I get 'g_oDragObject' is null or not an object. Any idea what has changed in Courselab that could cause this ?
I uploaded a module consisting of just a single slide to show what happens. If you do not find the course, I am happy to send it as .zip file.

Some basic things have been changed during various 2.4 releases.

I loaded the drag & drop example from the tips/tricks section to find out what is going wrong and noticed that what hit me hit the sample as well.

1. Messagebox shows nothing as from some release on content has to be in "".

2. If you modify the sample that if you hit the yellow box with TXT_4 and like in the other CheckHit move TXT_4 to lets say 200,200, you get the errormessage about g_oDragObject is null or not an object too.

3. When reopening already creating courses, I had to realize that coordinates of a lot of content is pretty off now. Means my drop zones have different X,Y than before.

All the above led to instead of being able to change just a couple of slides quickly from a course I created a year ago, I am now stuck with something unusable and a pretty unhappy customer ..
Hi Juergen,
I think the problems you're getting have been noticed, there was a drag and drop example here (Planets) which has disappeared now, or I can't find it. This would indicate that it was broken as it was a nice little demo.
I had some similar problems with a drag and drop example I'd used before which needed to be changed to work. I had to redfine the actions and change the way the objects worked in the end to get it to work nearly in the same way it used to. I didn't notice the drop zones I'd defined had changed though.
It's not good BUT is just as bad as trying to open early versions of Word documents (1&2) in the '03 or '07 versions (it doesn't work at all). If MicroSoft can can make errors like this it's forgivable with the Courselab team who don't have a budget counted in $millions and a huge resource to call on.
Hopefully Slav will comment on this when he is reading through the current issues.
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