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Insert audio (like mp3 or wav)
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I just thinking how to insert audio in a single side.
I would like to create 4 slide with audio in each one, but I can't find an easy solution.

Page with audio A
Page with audio B
etc. etc.

Any advice?!

You can add sound to almost any object, e.g. a text box. Right click on an object, choose Format Object and there you have a section Sound. All you have to do is to choose a sound file from your disc.

However, if you need to add a sound itself and give the user a player to control the sound playing, you'll have to go to the Media object library and add the sound... as a video. A bit amateurish, but works :)
Hello, i've got a question also about sound uploading inside the 'actions'.

I wanna ask if what kind of link format should i put in the 'file'? should i put something like..


if i put the whole url like, 'C:/Songs/song1.mp3' after publishing it on a CD, it will not run.

help please, on link format.

- thanks
Did a small test:

1. I put a balloon on the stage. Using 'Format Object' I attach a sound file 'testSnd.mp3'. This way I am sure the file is copied into the map 'images' and also copied during publishing. If I don't do this, the soundfile is not copied at publishing time and can never be played back.
Of course: I mark 'do not start playback automatically'.

2. On the balloon (or any other object) I make an onclick event listener with a Sound action. Object = the balloon, File = 'images/testSnd.mp3' Action = 'Start'.
In preview and after publishing to CD the sound playes after clicking the balloon.
hey Barend thanks!

That solves my problem :)


- Rye
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