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IE 8.0
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Hi All,

Does anyone know if CourseLab has any issue running on IE 8.0. I am in the process of upgrading to IE 8.0, but before I do, I need to know of any known issues and workarounds.

I got IE8 because of an unattended 'upgrade'. Since then in Courselab I could not print certificates any more.[:(]
I found that printing from the web browser was blocked for all sites so it wasn't the problem of Courselab.
I removed IE8 right away:
M$ seem to have over reacted on the security settings in 8, as Barend has seen it is deeply paranoid about the world.
I was trying to add some IE browser extensions made by M$ and it kept throwing security flags up!!
Even turning the security settings down and making sites and pages trusted still threw the same kind of things up.
It was rapidy consigned to the trash can where I'm sure it feels right at home :)
So Jose I think it gets a NOT RECOMMENDED
Thanks for your input. Looks like I'll stick to what we currently have.

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