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How to access SCORM API?
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Hi together!

Could anybody give me some hints on 2 questions:

1. How can I access SCORM API from CourseLab?
For example I want to submit the command ScormAPI.GetValue("cmi.core.lesson_status"). Now, I do:
-open "Actions" of a slide-
-choose "afterdisplay"
-choose "JAVASCRIPT" from the Action catalogue and
-write in the "JAVASCRIPT"-Object-Window:

The result at runtime (on my LMS too): empty alert box.Why?
What about the previous post in this forum:
g_oScormApi.SetValue('adl.nav.request', 'exit)?
Where does g_oScormApi come from? It does not work for me either :-(

2. Where can I find information/documentation on the integration of SCORM API into CourseLab? There is no clue in the UserGuide of CourseLab about it! Seems to be quite hidden. It's not possible that I'm the only one with this problem.

Please help & many thanks for any hint!
scorm is implemented in courselab/lms.js
I would first look for the scormversion using alert(g_sScormApiVersion);
If it is either "2004" or "1.2" at least you know you are 'connected'.
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