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output of questionnaire resusults
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How can I realize a questionnaire with text-input-fields and buttons where the results are listed at the end as output?

Iґve tried it by giving the buttons pushed a value. This value is supposed to be the output of a text-input-field.

Some inspiration anyone?
First define a series of variables, these need to be in the objectives section of the module peoperties. Give them relevant names for the information you want to collect.
Now add the text boxes to the page.
Change the properties for each text box so that the runtime variable is set to use the appropriate named objective. Make sure the variable scope is set up for the module so it is remembered.
Once you have collected all of the text items which are now stored in the objective variables you can display them.
To show them use a text box from the object library.
The format to show the variables is:
some text here {{#variable_name}} more text here.
There's a simple module showing this at http://www.friendsofcourselab.info/downloads/passing variables.zip
That should cover displaying it within the module itself Julia.
To 'do' something with it you could print the page, a little bit of javascript tied to an onclick action like "window.print()" should handle that.
It's diffucult to pass the information outside of the module unless you're using an LMS or LCMS. You could try an onclick javascript "mailto:my@self.xyz?subject=hi&body=ha"
Which ought to call up the mail client however the variables won't be ushed to it unless you include them in the subject line. Often not a good idea as it will be rather big, also newer mail clients might well treat the message as spam.
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