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Poor support
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CourseLab is a great product, but it lacks enough support.

I am uselessly wasting my time seeking help since a long time.

I decided to move to a non-free product..

I have problems with searching the Community section (doesn`t give any results, everytime displays the same list of threads)and with viewing previous topics (I can`t find any link).
Ah, thought it was just me! I did a search to see if I could get help before posting about why the catalog scenario doesn't work for me, but the screen just returned as it was.

And another thing.... I can't find a "next page" button to go to the next screen of posts?
The search is broken, this is a problem as a great many of the questions asked do keep on recurring.
It is a great shame that so few people do take the time to post comments or experiences.
Does anyone think that a wiki type of documenation where users can add or edit might help? or maybe a more ordered forum divided into topics might be easier to search through.
A wiki would be great! Can I make a suggestion? Offer simple step-by-step instructions for the non-technical types for doing things like scoring a test. I am trying to use the Current Score object on a test and I cannot get it to work. The help is so full of programming jargon that I don't even know where to start. Do I need to program an action in the test to tally the score, then send it to the current score object somehow? Step by step would help a lot!
Some tutorials would be good for that Jeff.
So I guess you are OK with setting the general module up and it works, what you're after now is displaying the score from an object or the running score to that point. Best idea would be to start a new question strand on this so it doesn't get muddled in with this one.
If anyone makes any tutorials give me a copy and I'll start a tutorials section on the FriendsOfCourselab site.
How about a discussion board such as freeforums.
I hope Amer gets the responses he wants from a paid for product.
My experience has been varied from having responses from the development team (Hey the same as here!!) to being referred to a list of FAQs that didn't answer the questions I was answering or just told 'that feature is not implemented'.
Once I was told that I needed to purchase a support package, the software was deleted and tossed out with the rest of the household garbage.
I think a combination of forum and wiki would be a good combination. The wiki could contain the elaborated answers and questions and experiences could be discussed in the forum.
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