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Can I create a link between 2 modules?How?
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I have a course that has 2 module and I want create a link between those. Can I do it? How?
Please answer me!!![:confused:]
Hi Gianvito,

You can do it. You choose under Actions "Javascript" and write here:

window.open("../1/start.html", "ModuleWindow", "toolbar=no,location=no,status=no,menubar=no,resizable=no,directories=no,scrollbars=no,width=1018,height=682");

"../1/start.html" is the location for the module you want to link.

Please tell me, if this was correct solution for you.

Good luck.
Hi, Erhan,

this approach is acceptable only if modules are NOT launched under LMS control. Otherwise it will cause LMS-tracker errors (different session IDs usually issued for different modules).
i tried the approach above but adapted the javascript to open the new module in the same page using
window.location.href = "../2/start.html"

i created this action attached to a button on the title page of the course but it just loads module 1, same as the standard 'start module' button.

it only loads module 2 if i start the title using the ./2/start.html page, then the link works but i can't access module 1.

is there any way of referencing module 2 from within module 1?

If you use Erhans idea and the modules are on the same media like a cd or a specific folder on a hard drive then make sure that the link is relative to the page the link is called from.
Don't use absolute links like D:/folder/folder/1/start.html or it won't work.
Hi, Gianvito,

Modules are usually managed by LMS, that's why we don't know _actual_ module URL in CourseLab.
We still hope to implemment SCORM Sequencing and Navigation part, which would help here...
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