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if conditions
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I gave the actions if and else to a button. The error I get is "? action: ELSE".
My sencond approach was to test it in Javascript. There I canґt make out how to get the value from a textinput. How can I make it work?
Hi, Julia,

1. Perhaps you forget to indent ELSE action in action sequence. In this case ELSE action has no corresponding IF, generating error. I.e. should be:
IF(some condition)
_ some action sequence
_ _ some other action sequence

_ means one indent.

2. Text input field object always has a variable, in which you can find its current value. You can find (and change) variable name in object Edit dialog. After that you can use it in expressions (for example, in IF conditions) as #var_name (i.e. adding # to name means variable value).
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