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Firefox not playing soundfiles and JS alertbox
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Hello everybody!

I am working on a course containing only one module so far. All my slides consist of only one frame. I am calling MP3-Files to be played one after the other in this way: MP3-Sound is connected to a textbox. This textbox is displayed when the proceeding MP3 ended. All objects in the slide are set to "display til end of slide".

Everything is working fine in IE, not so in Firefox: MP3-Files are not being played at all and whenever the next Textbox should be displayed I have this JavaScript Alertbox poppin up "ShowObject: undefined".

I can handle the alertbox quick and dirty but would prefer a clean solution for both problems.

Thankful for any kind of help.

Jцrg Kern
Hello everybody!

My research proceeding:
It is not two bugs it is only one: The Courselab JavaScript (courselab.js) is running into the catch of a try catch block while trying to show the object the mp3-file is connected to.

Anyway: My module is working under: XP-Home with SP2 and Vista with a Firefoxplugin from http://port25.technet.com/pages/windows-media-player-firefox-plugin-download.aspx. Not working under XP-Pro SP2 and XP-Home SP3. So it might as well be any Firefox-setting. Question: Why is it working in one case and in the other not.

Trying to change the Embed (not for IE and Opera) in courselab.js (line 5514 and following) might solve the mp3-Problem but when it comes to video, what would happen?

Still looking for help. I am going to solve this problem.

Regards to everyone!

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