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problem with music
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I want to insert a mp3 file in the thirth slide of my learning object but i don't want that the music stops when I go in the next slides.
I want that the music stops only when the time of the file audio is finishes.
How can I do?[:confused:]
Please help me!!!

Thanks a lot
I had resolved![;)]
Hi Gianvito!

I just made up my mind about your problem and came to no solution. So Iґm interested in your solution and I think this problem could be interesting for many other users.

(sorry for my english)...
I had create a new master-slide and only in this i had insert the file music.
In normal-view I'had select, for the slide in which I want the music, the second master-slide:right click on the slide in normal view/Master/and select the master slide.[;)]
It's ok?
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