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Scoring Issue
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I have a module with 3 questions. Each question is given 6 points. So the total points for the module is 18. I set the Max score of the "total" objective for the module to 18.

I published the course as SCORM 2004 format and uploaded to SharePoint Learning Kit (SLK) site.

Using the Course Manager of SLK, I set the weight value of the course activity to 18 and the Max Score to 18 also.

After completing the questions, SLK shows a Total Course of 50/18. This means it calculated the points of the three questions as 50!!!

I also got 50/100 when I chenged the Weight and Max Score values to 100 each!!!

The same result appeared when I set the Scale Module to 100% option from the Runtime Settings of the Module.
Hi, Amer,

Probable reasons are:
- you set "regressive" style of calculating score in the question. Note, that in this case weight field contains value for one attempt, not the question (i.e. if weight is 6 and there is 3 attempts then max. score will be 18 if the learner gives correct answer on first attempt, 12 - if from second and so on). In this case maximum value for objective should be calculated using these scores

- you have checked "normalize score when send to LMS" checkmark in Module settings. This option is actually legacy option implemented for compatibility with some very old LMS, which do not understand max values. Normally it shouldn't be checked.

Just suggestions.
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