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I have a question about the "Quizzes in CourseLab" sample in the How to's section:

This sample has three objectives:
1. total: Max Score= 13
2. cities: Max Score= 5
3. countries: Max Score= 11

Now, why the "total" objective does not equal the total of "cities" and "countries" (i.e. 16)?

Secondly, if I wanted to configure this sample in the Course Manager add-on of the SharePoint Learning Kit, then I have to set the Weight value and the Maximum Score value for the whole module. In this case, what should these values be?
Hi, Amer,

"total" is just the name. In CourseLab it is created automatically (i.e. by default) as module's main objective (i.e. its score will be sent to LMS as whole module score). But it does not mean literally total value.
Therefore you need to configure "total" objective (or any other objective that is marked as "module objective" in Module Settings).
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