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Call a courselab frame from Flash
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Hi there,

Is it possible to use a button from within a flash file to move to Courselab next frame? I have a flash file that I'm using to simulate (key combinations in a specific software) once this simulation reaches the end I want the user to click a button in the Flash file to go to next frame in Courselab, is this possible? [:)]
Not as things are at the moment, there isn't anything within the API listening for events 'outside of itself'. You'd want to do a small re-write of the JS that runs the module.
That would be OK for a PC or CD based delivery BUT when you tried it using an LMS you'd be back to square one.
Isn't there enough screen space to add a skip to the next frame button on the page itself?
Thanks for your reply. A button on Courselab slide is what I'm doing at the moment. I just wanted to know if I can do it from within flash.
Many thanks again[:)]
Hi Daniel

I use the following ActionScript in Flash. "nextOutliner" is the Instance name of the Flash button.

import flash.external.ExternalInterface;
nextOutliner.onRelease = function ()

great, this is what I was just looking for!

Is it possible to jump to other slides too? I tried this, but it doesnґt work:

import flash.external.ExternalInterface;
btn_neu.onRelease = function ()

Any Idea?

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