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Save the progress of a user
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Hello folks,

is there any expert out there who knows how to implement the progress memory of a user with CourseLab. I mean, somebody is going through the HTML-export of my course, then he closes the web browser window. When he starts again I would like to make him start on the slide where he stopped last time. Is there any kind of session object available in CourseLab and its outputs?

Many Thanks,
From what I know about saving a user's progress, it appears to be a function of the LMS, not of the e-learning authoring tool. Not the answer you wanted to hear, I am sure, but the most accurate I can provide...Best of luck...[:)]
Hi Danila
The API shell that the module opens with when used from a CD or as a module placed on the web. There isn't a function in the API to save the status, in SCORM that's up to the management platform.
It would need a rewrite of the API to work and then an OS neutral way of saving the data, something universal. Of course change the PC and it would all fall over.
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