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next and prev buttons are crossed out
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I have enabled the next and previous button in the master-slide settings. When I view the module they are crossed out red. When I keep clicking them patiently, they work after ca. 10 clicks but are still crossed out. Can someone tell me what is wrong?
Hi Julia
Try the update objects option from the drop down menu's. This often clears up lots of odd problems.
Hi Nick!
Thanks for the quick reply! Unfortunately updating the the objects didnґt solve the problem.
I didnґt choose the default button set right from the start. I first set up custom navigation bars.
As you've noticed they aren't quite the same as normal buttons in that there aren't any accessible actions attached to them. If you add a button yourself then you have to add an action to jump to a specific page.
I'd be very tempted to rebuild the module, you can rewrite a few parts of the modules xml but it can all go wrong and unless you really know what you're doing it's easier to do a quick restart.
What I'd do is...
Open two copies of Courselab.(In one will be the existing module, in the other a new version with all of the page control elements on the master page.)
Now just cut and paste all the old stuff into the new module.
Thank you! Making the module new solved the problem.
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