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problems with scorm
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I made a Courselab course with two modules. I published it as scorm 1.2 to Blackboard. So BB makes two items in the gradebook to enter the result of the students for the two modules.

But this doesn't work at all.

When I use the standard name "total" for the module objective, then there is a confusion between them and I get strange results!

When I give the module objective of the second module another name, then I always get the error message: objective is not defined

What am I doing wrong? Or is there some bug around?
I've got the same problem! I have to finish my work as soon as possible and I'd like to know what about you. Have you solved this problem yet? Could you give me some advice? thanks in advance

Did you define the Objective via "Module->Runtime settings" Tab "Objectives" add Objective -> objective_name ?
Yes I did
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