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Quiz setup
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I'm a newbie and attempting to create a 5 question quiz which logs to an LMS the results of each question and the total score achieved. The min score for a pass is 4. At present I have the following set:

objective 'total' completion:incomplete success:unknown and set to max 5 min 0 - what should the complete & success be?

Rule: 'total' completion:completed success:passed conditions:'total' score >=4
Rule: 'total' completion:incomplete success:failed conditions:'total' score <4

Also I find that I am unable to exit the quiz with the close button? what would be the correct way to end this and any module for that matter as it just hangs with iLias or is the function not recognised by the browser?

Many Thanks in anticipation!
Hi, Kevin,

maybe completion status "complete" would be better in second rule (i.e. completed and failed). But actually it depends on how your LMS interprets these statuses.
Close button will work only if your LMS opens course in separate window. If LMS uses frames or separate tabs/pages then close function could be blocked by browser's security settings.
Also note that if you are using one slide quiz and close function is blocked then there is probability of losing data (because onunload event could be blocked too and there are no other events to fire sending data to LMS). In these case it would be useful to set up second slide (i.e. after quiz) for example with quiz results - because any slide transition fires sending data to LMS.
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