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No more attempts left feedback message
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We are trying to set up a quiz question so that the user has only one attempt and if the user gets the question wrong they should be informed they are incorrect and shown the correct answer.

How ever, when we set to only have one attempt and deselect the "no more attempts" feedback message; the no more attempts feedback message is still displayed, rather than the expected "incorrect" feedback message.

I can relatively easily make a workaround by changing the "no more attempts" text to say incorrect. But i'm guessing it shouldn't do this? Any ideas?

Hi, Alex,

actually if there is message labeled "no more attempts", then it must be displayed when no attempts left. BTW you cannot deselect this message - checkboxes near messages are for displaying in editor only (just to check how it will be displayed), they do not affect displaying in run-time. If there is only one attempt, then you should change the text to "incorrect".
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