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How to "CENTRE align" the module in web browser?
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Is there any possibility of Centre aligning the module created in Course Lab as it could be viwed in the "Centre" of the web browser once it is published?
Hi Fernando
I assume this is when running off of a CD? In this case the page which starts does a few things, it starts the API that controls the module and it tells the page it spawns to open at a certain size. It should open a browser window with no menu bars and the content should fit inside it with no white space around the outside edges.
If it isn't then either the browser is over riding the settings, or the settings aren't there to tell the window what it should do so it just defaults out to whatever size it was used at last,
Which web browser and version is this happening with??
Hello Nickj,

Thanks a lot for your message.
I publish my courses in Moodle not in CD.

I use Internet Explorer and FireFox. When I run the module it opens the Internet browser fully with all the usual menu bars.

I hope you will kindly instruct me how to either centre align the page or set it as a window that exactly fits the module and no menu bars.

Thanks again.
In moodle the module itself should open, not the page which gives you the Module title and name.
It should open at the correct size.
If there is a new web page opening either as another tab or in a seperate window then the settings in Moodle probably need changing.
I'm sure there will be a few moodle users here who will know which these are, I can't remember myself.
LOL Probably old age!!
I have a similar problem: I would like to make a link directly to a module (without opening the page with a contents of a whole course), but when I do so a browser doesn`t work as it should. In other words, I would like my course to open as the courses in How-To`s section do - they work well even in FireFox Browser. How to do that?
Hi, Dorota,

you can try to publish the course for CD - you will get autorun.html file after publishing. Open it in any plain HTML editor and you will see how it is made: there are simple JavaScript functions that open new windows with course. Copy them to your web-page and change URLs to real URLs (and width/height if needed) and it should work too.
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