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I have completed a 4 module course and packaged it as SCORM 1.2. Everything works as far as API is concerned but I was told about an error message by the LMS vendors this morning.

CallMethod: q_001_choiceConstructor 'g_oSCO' is null or not an object

Does anyone know what this means and potentially how to fix it? Educated guesses are good too. I am really sailing blind with this one as I cannot replicate the error.[:confused:]
Hi, Carl,

if your module contains too many question and test objects, then there could be the issue with SCORM 1.2 4kB limit on cmi.suspend_data field. Each question saves a chunk of data in this field upon completion, so if there's too many questions, you may exceed this limit. If LMS will cut this field, then there will be such error upon recurring entries - g_oSCO is global object, whose structure will be broken if there's no full data in LMS response.
It's hard to say how many question is "too many", because it depends on question types, question sizes etc. 30-40 usual (for example 3-5 choices per question) should fit.
BTW there is no such limitation in SCORM 2004 (i.e. this field has 64kB limit).
More info.

This is the way the LMS vendors say the error was produced.

It seems that an error occurs in the question pages if the lesson is resumed from a bookmark stored by a previous session – the question pages work fine if the lesson is started from the beginning.
For info - it was a problem with the LMS
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