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Img Background in autorun.html (CD Format)
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Hello, can someone help me on how can I modify the background of the autorun.html when published on CD Format? I tried to add an image background directly on autorun.html, but the gradient silver-white is overlapping the image that I have placed. Thanks for the help [:)]
Hi Rye you can do this.
First do you know anything about HTML code?
The gradient is described in the table entry and the entry itself kicks off as filter:progid:DXImageTransform.
Get rid of the parts like that and you can define a bacground image. Don't forget to specify the repeats etc for the image tag and the image will need to go at the same level as the page itself unless you put it in the module folder and use a relative link.
If this is just double dutch to you then drop me a mail and I'll send you a blank page with annotations so it will be easyish to follow.
njames at nildram.co.uk
hi nick,

many thanks i've found it. :)
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