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displaying modules on web pages
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I've read the previous threads concerning publishing to display on a web page(cd publishing), but was wondering how to place on a web page as a link to the module that then opens in a separate window.EXACTLY AS FOUND ON THIS WEBSITE IN THE SUPPORT HOW TO SECTION. A step by step guide would be appreciated (novice), particularly what files are required etc. Do you have to publish at all or can you use the module file from your working/development course as I have noticed a start htm file that opens the module separately( without opening the main program)Many thanks Sam
Hi Sam
It's probably better to publish the file as the process cleans out lots of the unused files.
It also does something VERY important which is to change the links used in the module so they become independent of where they are run from; that is from absolute to relative.
Make a folder in the root of the site, transfer all the files then make a link to the start.html file and it will work.
Oh the link itself will be HTML ahref that will say the file is at this location in the site structure, open it in a new window.
That's pretty basic stuff and there are plenty of tutorials on HTML available on the web.
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