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aicc tracking
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We are having issues tracking quiz questions in our bespoke LMS using AICC.

Each time the user answers a question the result is logged. Unfortunatly, this logs in our system as an attempt at the entire module.

I realise this is very broad question, but unfortunatly are looking at a very broad problem.

Is there a way to not log the question result, until the end? Or another approach?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, Alex,

The only way I can suggest is to play with module status rules. It's hard to suggest exact solution - it depends strongly on your LMS behaviour. But perhaps if the completion status of module will be "not attempted" until the final slide, and becomes "completed" on the final slide... may be it will work?
But again - it depends on how your LMS works with statuses.
Thanks for the reply.

I am currently running the AICC CMI test suite to gauage the extent of the LMS AICC compatibility. So I can try to uncover hints to what to avoid. It is proviing v.tricky to debug, as i'm looking at too "black boxes", so lots of trial and error!

I notice that courselab is SCORM compliant, is it AICC certified too? Is there anything in courselab to watch out for?

thanks for the help

Hi Alex
Working in a very standards driven environment the word 'bespoke' sends shivers of horror down my spine.
Its not going to be a case of what does the test suite provide but more what your solution does with it and how its author interpreted the relevant standard.
I'd probably present a well formed AICC or SCORM module that fails to the provider and ask them for a remedy. They ought to be in a position to document what the software does and doesn't.
It is worth noting that you can legitimately say an LMS is AICC compliant as long as it matches ONE of NINE criteria sets. So it could just meet say the ICON STANDARDS: USER INTERFACE (AGR-009) and pass the testing for its user interface BUT virtually not work as far as content is concerned and it could still be described as complaint or certified.
Thanks for the detailed answer.

In theory the LMS 'should' be standards compliant, we have access to the source code to make our own modifications.

The LMS works with the courseware from our vendors, but we are having issues using courselab. I don't think it is an issue with courselab as such, more that courselab is making use of more modern technologies / techniques as interpretted from AICC than our other older courseware.

But it's proving tricky, as the AICC spec is epic and unlike other standards the tools available to do testing are few and far between.
AICC is essentially the core of SCORM, the API is very similar. Like all standards interpretations vary so as you note it's a matter of mapping these variations which won't be very easy. Are you using any kind of script debuger or even the JVM console to look and see what the scripts are doing while they run?? The AICC and SCORM API's are javascript based.
Unless you have a big investment in the platform it might be worth considering a managed migration to a newer AICC & SCORM compliant platform
One of the standards I use and reference, DICOM (for medical imaging), prints out to a 4ft pile of paper.. If you use thin paper!!
Thanks for the good advice.
Fortunately we have managed to get everything working ok.
Oh BTW AICC say:
"As with the other AGR's, any vendor can claim "compliance" with the AICC/CMI guidelines (and many do) but only a few have submitted their systems for testing (so far). The AICC is aware of this problem and, unfortunately, there is not much we can do except try to educate consumers."
Has yours actually been formally certified by the AICC or is it just 'compliant'.
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