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Sequential Order for Modules
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Hey I haven't been able to find it, but is there a way to lock out modules until the one listed before them is finished? i.e, students are unable to take a test module until the material module is completed?
Hi Michael
The only way that you can do this properly is using an LMS, its not possible for discretely seperate modules delivered from a CD or the same put onto a web site.
There isn't a huge range of options for CD delivered modules. I've put a crude but effective method on the www.friendsof courselab.info site.
The big problem with this is that if you leave the module and open it again you start at the begining. It might be possible to add a 'pointer', a code that would take you to a specific page or 'unlock' the hidden menus but all the work to that point would be lost so it really wouldn't be worth the effort.
So sorry the answer is 'not without using an LMS'.
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