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Sorting Modules
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Is there a way to change the sequence of modules in a program? I need to resort due to content changes.

Thanks for your help.
Hi Andy
If it's all in one big lump of pages then you can cut and paste the pages locations, or the module parts up and down in the sequence
I have the program in 8 Modules. I would like to rearrange the modules (move them up or down. Can this be done?

Thank you!
Hi Andy

I managed this the other week. You have to do a workround, but better that....

Step 1 - create a folder in your course pane
Step 2 - drag all the modules into the folder
Step 3 - drag out modules in the order you want them (will take a little experimentation)
Step 4 - delete the folder when in the correct order

Hope that helps[:)]
If just changing the order of the modules and not the content within them- To change Module’s order do the following: in the Course panel drag Module with the mouse button to the parent element (Course or Folder). Dragged Module will be placed at the end of the list of Modules. (taken from user guide)
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