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Feedback Form?
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I am a new user to courselab and am trying to create a feedback form in the format of select your response from the drop down and click a submit button. I'm not sure what actions are required with the objects.
Basically I have 5 questions on 5 slides and would like the LMS to record the responses for future ref or export as a report. Any help would be most appreciated.
Hi, Kevin,

Currently it is not possible using drop-down menus - variables are not stored on LMS (even if they did - there's no standard field to get them in report). But you can use regular single-choice questions for that. If your LMS supports SCORM 2004 (and cmi.interaction array as part of this standard), user response to this questions will be saved in this "array". The LMS also should be able to interpret cmi.interactions array to build reports.
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