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How to use in SharePoint Training
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I am new to this...I used CourseLab to create a short course. I followed the instructions to create a zip file to upload to my MS SharePoint Training after creating a new folder in the Administrator site. The course is visible but doesn't work...nothing happens. Then I saw something about it must be scorm 2004 to work with the SharePoint training site...is that true? Is there a way to get a CourseLab course to work on SharePoint 2007 in the SharePoint Training as a new course?
Hi Tony
If you created the module as SCORM 2004 in the publish options then thats what it is.
Of course things are never that simple, the way that the standards are implemented do vary a little. It's rather like any language it is subtly different between countries.
There are a few threads on the forum that might be helpful but I'm not sure that the search function is working at the moment, well it didn't when I just looked. Just keep scrolling down and you'll find some sharepoint strands.
These relate to earlier versions of sharepoint but the general ideas should still be good.
thanks I will try search more.
Not finding anything that seems to help.
I am not sure I need SCORM 2004, I assume I do based on what the SharePoint Training installation guide tells me.
I would think you do need 2004 but sharepoint should be backwardsly compatible. Looking at the features list MS do quote 1.2 and 2004 as both supported. The installation guide is a bit sparse on any real detail, you probably ned to dive into the admin config end to make real sense of it.

It might be worthwhile installing and running the standalone version on a PC so that you can play with it. There are a lot of environment variables that need to be set up correctly to allow different features to be enabled and to work.
I'll might try setting it up on a virtual install of XP SP3.
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